Friday, 7 June 2013


Jacaranda Joeys Cabin

We are looking forward to joining in the fun at Camp Doll Diaries this winter.  Although most people participating will be in the US on summer break, we are going to work in with our home schooling schedule and make room for creative doll play and do our best to participate and contribute as much as possible. It feels like a great way to work together to create something fun!  
I have suggested to the girls that their dolls (the campers) could keep a 'journal' of all they do while on camp.  I am hoping some extra creative writing will take place and develop over time.

The dolls attending Camp Doll Diaries are Saige, Daphne, Mia, Fern, Nellie, Lanie, Cinnamon and Olive who will be arriving in late June.
The biggest challenge is finding space.  There is nowhere in the house that would allow for a permanent 'camp site'.  So we will have to be flexible and occasionally dismantle, the reassemble our little Jacaranda Joeys cabin.  

We chose the name Jacaranda Joeys to reflect our being in Australia.  Although where we live is not actually warm enough for Jacaranda's, they are such a gorgeous tree we wanted to include the colour in our camp somehow.

Daphne arrived early for camp and made her clip board first. She is ready for lots of fun!

Mia was very keen and hiked to camp!  She is hoping to challenge the girls in the cabin with some hiking adventures during the camp.

Nellie is busy filling out her enrolment form.  After much deliberation she decided lollies were her favourite food!

Lanie has plans to get her cabin to grow their own salad greens and herbs during the camp.  Planting will start the first weekend of camp...let's see if it will grow over winter!

Cinnamon is a very calm character.  She hopes to get everyone up to do a morning yoga session with her each day, though she realises it might take time to inspire everyone.

Fern and Saige (with Orange the horse) have already taken over the stable duties.  They are volunteering as stable hands and horse carers for the whole of camp.

We made little clip boards for each doll, with paper to suit their personalities.  We will use them again for other activities over the camp.

Our lovely personal shopper at American Girl Place New York sent us some nail polish stickers for the dolls.  So the first day of camp all the dolls got to paint their nails. 
What a fun way to start the week together!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Our American Girl Collection Part 2

2011 saw the arrival of more dolls into our world.  And with dolls come dolls clothes, accessories, pets, furniture etc etc......
We have a room full!
The first dolls to arrive in 2011 were one the girls purchased for themselves with money won at the local shows, or through doing jobs at home.

MGG1 happens to be obsessed with Hawaii, so when Kanani was released it was love at first sight!  Kanani joined us in March 2011 and is so very adored.



Friday, 8 June 2012

Busy Hands...

Creating things is something we love to do.  Everyone has different gifts and talents, but we all try at some things.  From baking, knitting, sewing, lace making, crochet, painting and drawing, there is almost always something taking place.

                                                    MMG2's Weaving.

                                                  MGM's Fairy House.

MGG3's Christmas Cookies.

MGG4's Decorated Cookies for the local annual show.  She won a 'Highly Commended'! 

MMG1's Crochet Bag.

MGG2's Fairy Farm; made from seeds, beans and herbs.

MGG1's Prize Wining Bobbin Lace.

MGG1's Fairy Beach House.

                                                       MGG2's Hand Felted Headband.

                                             MGG2's Trophy Winning Sewing Box Cake.

                                              MGG2's Sewing Box Cake (other side).

                                                        MGG3's Decorated Cookies.

              MGG3's Story Garden. Won for Most Outstanding Exhibit in Junior Pot Plants!

Doll Dress Ups!

This probably shouldn't be so much fun, but it really is!  With friends, alone or as a family, dressing up the dolls in certain themed outfits, or doing doll scenes, has become part of regular life.  The MMG's like to enter the Doll Diaries photo challenges with some of the dress ups too.

Fern as a Pig.

For Halloween.

As Royalty.


And Native Americans.


Ivy with Spiders...

Felicity as Sleeping Beauty.

Kanani Bumble Bee, Julie as a Flower Child, Kirsten as Dorothy and Sugar as Toto.

Addy the Butterfly (I love this one so much).

Birthdays For Dolls!

We love birthdays.  Human birthdays, pets birthdays, half birthdays, and of course dolls birthdays.

Today, June 8th, is the day Kirsten Larson, MMG3's doll, celebrates her birthday.  Last year we had a whole day of Kirsten; bread making, cooking soup, dressing up and craft.  Today was simple though, we are trying to balance out which dolls get 'extra' attention.  A few times a year friends and their dolls get invited around for a dolls birthday.  We recently celebrated Josefina's birthday with 7 guests.  Last year we celebrated Samantha's, Emily's and Elizabeth's.  
On any dolls birthday we will try to incorporate either a certain dish, or even a whole meal in acknowledgement of the day. 
During Kit's birthday this year there was a blackout-so the dinner we were planning sat in the oven not able to cook.  This turned out to be a positive experience because we had to cook something even simpler on the gas stove (by candlelight) and eat by candlelight too.  Fortunately we had the log fire keeping us warm, and we used the reserve battery power on the computer to watch the 'Kit' movie.

Morning Walks

We live in a beautiful town.  On our morning walks we take photos to track the changing seasons.
Some days it is like witnessing magic-but the camera doesn't usually capture that.